A blue hereretic is an alchemical phenomenon.

Blue represents salt, specifically sodium chloride and like all salts is the combination of a metal and a non-metal. Sodium is a volatile and potentially combustive metal and chlorine, amorphous like all gases, is potentially lethal. Amalgamation provides a stable crystalline substance which is everywhere, part of everything and without which life would be impossible. Esoterically, salt represents the quintessence of Boaz and Jachin.

Blue is the first stage of the transition from black to white: the sadness that emerges from despair en route to reflection. Not simply ou15:12 24/05/2019r own action, but rather an acceptance and analysis of something inveigling itself into us. In other words, the strength of mind and intellect to recognize the change that is happening within ourselves, in response to altered perceptions of our environment

If thought is the beginning, then the colour blue, or rather the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that most refer to as blue, represents imagination, intellectual stability and reason [Wallace Stevens]. Paul Cezanne believed blue gave other colours their vibration. Blue is that part of the spectrum where thought and image begin to coalesce; just listen to John coltrane or Bill Evans.

The blue firmament is a mythical place that gives metaphorical support to metaphysical thinking [James Hillman, Alchemical psychology]

The gods live in the highs and the deeps: mountains and oceans are blue and the gods themselves oftimes appear blue: Kneph, Odin. Juno, Krishna, Vishnu, and Jesus as represented by Hildegard of Bingen. Everything begins with a thought and that energy follows a progression whereby colours shift from being light to being phenomena. If a thought is expressed in spoken word, it will emanate from the blue chakra of the throat

Blue once meant fond of literature.

A heresy is any belief, doctrine or opinion strongly at odds with an orthodoxy, whether social, political or religeous. A heterodox. A heretic is a proponent of such an opinion.

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