The Song of Agenda 21

From the Mountains of the Prairie,
Through the farmlands to the city:
Agenda twenty one, the mighty,
Comes to Master Life and future,
Comes to change the man and woman,
Comes to form the minds of children.
From all corners of the planet
Calls the tribes of men together.
Tells them all to not be selfish:
Must think global Must act local
Be sustainable, green, progressive.
There is now a new concensus -
Have to think about the future;
Have to think about resources.

Climate change is catastrophic
Happening now - anthropogenic
Threatens all life on the planet.
Protecting all life on the planet
Means we have to change your lifestyle
Massive energy reduction
Coupled with depopulation
Will not happen - cannot happen -
Without cerebral reduction;
Without global mind abduction.
Paves the way for new instruction:
Brave new world of soul destruction

World is overpopulated
Must achieve a mass reduction
Must achieve five hundred million.
Since we cannot violate a
Sovereign being without asking;
Without seeking their permission,
Write it all in conference brochures,
Write it on the Georgia Capstones,
Hear it from the Rio Summit,
Hear it on the people's broadcast.
The CFR says it must be so,
The Club of Rome says it will be so.
Tools come from the Gates Foundation,
Monsanto's genetic manipulation;
Sterile crops and sterile children -
Lo! the Vatican nods agreement
Lo! the Vatican gives its blessing

United Nations sublimation -
Eradicate communication.
No more access to the prairie;
All the power lines have rusted,
All the local roads have crumbled,
The crop you grow is now illegal,
Your way of life is now illegal.
With floods we'll swamp your farm and cattle,
With beads we'll buy them - sod your prattle.
Ousted from your family grassroots
Robbed and raped with legal statutes,
Clearing you from off the prairie,
Clearing you from out the suburb
To the highrise of the city -
No more neighbours, no community:
Living thirty feet by ten feet -
Your new farmhouse, your new castle.

TeeVee is the new ambrosia,
Ninety six inch TV screens for
Master chef and soaps and all the
Episodes of dross and tosh and
Repeats of reality and
Creation of celebrity.
Manufactured news, opinion
All of this delivered to you
With a careful combination:
From ELF to gigahertz
Tuned for maximum radiation;
A complete cerebral castration -
A physiological ruination,
In the comfort of your ten by
Thirty feet of warmth and leisure.
At six hertz you will believe that
At six hertz you'll understand that
At six hertz deep down you'll know that
Life is good and can't get better
Life is good don't want no other:
In the comfort of your ten by
Thirty feet of warmth and leisure.
In the comfort of your cocoon,
Nestling deep within the smart grid,
Radiating while you're eating,
Radiating while you're sleeping.
In the comfort of your ten by
Thirty feet of warmth and leisure -
In the comfort of your castle

From the glacier, from the wetlands
Flows a river pure and sparkling.
You can't touch it must not drink it -
Not until we've cleaned it up and
Not until we've topped it up with
Fluoride and God Knows what-not,
Stamped it with the regulation
State approved seal of acceptance,
Chemically sealed and balanced,
Traced a winding pathway for it
Straight to you saying "it's been tested",
Straight to you saying "safe to drink now".
Seventy percent of you is
Treated topped up and depleted
And of the vital life force cheated,

No more parklands no more gardens:
It's not safe to grow your own food -
Not allowed to grow your own food;
That's what we do we we will feed you.
Multinational agribusiness;
Safe to eat and most nutritious.
Scientific, clean and germ free,
Manufactured on the prairie :
Now being used responsibly to
Technologically grow and
Technologically test and
Technologically check and
Technologically balance.
Truck it to the supermarket,
Fill the stalls and fill the bins
And fill the shelves for you to buy
Amidst a whole new world of produce
From the sacred F1 hybrid:
Sterilized and radiated.

SmartGrid smartPhone smartwatch smartkey
Smartcard smarthouse with smartmeter.
Smartcard smartstreet smartshop smartdoor
Smartroof smartfloor in smartbuildings,
We will stamp you chip and check you,
Flood your house with flood your brain with
Flood your whole environment with
Useless gigabits amusing -
Monitor your every movement
monitor your least emotion.
Synthesise your hearts desire
Synthesise your every thought
Before we send it direct to you
Through your TV through the ether
To your smartchip to your implant
Direct to your brain - convenience
Electro-magnetc heaven.

Cars are hungry, cars are wasteful
Lots of energy - it should not be
It must not be it will not be.
No more cars and no more travel:
Must be fair, it's not about you
You don't need them don't be selfish.
Fast trains take you to your workplace,
Fast trains take you from your workplace,
We can keep you all in one place
In a high rise conurbation.
Must have greenhouse gas reduction,
Must protect the habitats and
Must protect the green resources,
Must protect the ecosystem;
Create scenic corridors and
Must ensure you don't go near them.
Must defend them, must protect them -
remember they mean more than you do.
Ecology, economy, megaRegion equity -
Have to have a policy
To guarantee a high degree
Of sustainable equity;
that nobody has any more,
that nobody can have more,
that will ensure no-one has more
than anybody else.

Long ago was education;
Intellectual expansion -
Go explore the world around us
Understand the world around us:
Expand your mind expand horizons.
The trivium; a toolkit tempting -
Mental diamonds tantalizing,
To contemplate the earth below,
To contemplate the sky above,
To contemplate the very heavens,
To contemplate the absolute.
But times have changed, the plan's evolving,
In the technocratic haven:
dumbing down, vocational training,
Must not think outside the box.
The technological horizon:
Seven hertz not twelve shall be the
New ambition for production,
New ambition for controlling
mind and thought, circadian rhythm.
do not regard the working week,
do not regard the nine to five,
do not regard your daily routine,
as Platonic dialogue.
If IQs fall it all gets simple:
No ambition no progression.
Train to be an operative,
Train to be in maintenance,
Train and work as a technician,
We will teach you how to build a
Highrise, fast train network, smartphone -
How to write 6 million lines
Of c++, fortran and python.

Genetic manipulation,
EMF and and radiation,
Agricultural aberation -
After suitable gestation
Presents all its aggregation:
Malintended alteration ...
Got a headache? stomach upset?
Lots and lots of pills and potions
From the pharmaceutical devotions,
From the pharmaceutical cogniscenti.
And for the side-effects aplenty,
More and more drugs - excellente!
And for serious pathologies;
Cancers, endocrine and heart disease,
We will keep you on the cusp of
Life and death and on cusp of
Pharmaceutical requirement:
Must sustain big pharma power,
Must sustain and must empower.
We will keep you strong and healthy,
We will keep you hale and hearty
And not forgetting all the children -
Especially for the little children -
Make sure no-one's left behind.
We'll ensure their future purpose,
We'll ensure their future function,
We'll ensure diminished function.
Fourteen, twenty, forty seven -
all before the age of two.
How did humans make it this far
Without all these vaccinations?
Whencefrom overpopulation?
Fill them up wih vaccinations,
Will not tell you what is in them,
Will not tell you how they function.
You will find out when you grow up,
You will find out when you're sterile,
You'll find out when you respond to
Frequencies throughout the smartgrid
Resonating with the contents
Of the legal vaccinations.
Cloning! that's what we must strive for,
Cloning! make's it all so easy.
No more mummies, no more daddies
No more babies, snot and nappies.
Lots and lots of leisure time,
A cultural invitro fest
Powerful chemical engineering,
Electrochemical engineering,
Organic chemistry engineering,
Man machine bioengineering.
We'll control the population,
We'll control life and formation,
Creation, duration, cessation
And We'll take the risk of hell's damnation.

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